Creative Therapy

During challenging times, partaking in creative endeavors can prove to be therapeutic and can help spark positive momentum when a person is lowly and in a dark place.

This idea is not the consumption of other people’s creations, but rather one’s own creations. During challenging times, in an attempt to avoid suffering, it is tempting to indulge in the consumption of other’s creations rather than manifest our own.  A few examples are overeating, watching hours of TV, or playing hours of video games.  When we engage in the creative process and attempt to create something rather than consuming something, we become proactive instead of reactive.

One fascet of the creative process involves imagining something and attempting to create that something from beginning to end.  The idea of this takes the person from someone who is at the mercy of the creator to becoming the creator themselves.  The therapeutic aspect of this is that the person once in a weaker position, is now empowered by becoming the creator, and they are now responsible for what happens rather than the victim of what happened.

The actual creative endevour or medium is almost irrelevant, as is the perfection of the actual creation. This proactive process, even if in need of refinement, and even if in a state of growth, is the catalyst for positive momentum since it is founded on someone taking action and attempting to see something thru from beginning to end. These two principles can then be applied to anything outside the creative process, so when that happens, the person begins taking constant action and creates foward momentum.


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