“The Creature From The Black Lagoon” – Day 2 from 1-4-19


This is progress on “The Creature From The Black Lagoon”, the fourth drawing from my monster collection. This is from day 2 on 1-4-19.

I addressed the creatures unresolved left hand by moving it from a horizontal and cropped position to pointing upward and to the left. This allowed for the webbed fingers to be revealed which is critical to showing the aquatic existence of this creature. On that same note, I more fully realized the other aquatic features of the monster such as the fins and gills.

For the rest of day 2’s progress I just fleshed out the entire composition by adding heavier lines and shadows and textures to reinforce a claustrophobic, lagoon  setting. I also added darker and heavier shading to the water that the creature is emerging from since it is the “black lagoon.”



“The Creature From The Black Lagoon” – Day 1 from 1-3-19


After a few weeks break with the holidays I abandoned “The Wolfman” and began work on a new drawing for  my monster collection titled, “The Creature From The Black Lagoon”.  This is day one from 1/3/19.

As far as conceptual and compositional aspects of this piece, day one is a very basic process of laying out the entire composition and basic locations and shapes before filling in details and adding major lighting. I wanted to pay homage to one of the most forgotten monster and horror classics where a mysterious creature rises from the murky depths and attempts to rid its domicile of foreign invaders which in this case is a boat of humans, by creating a simple composition of the creature rising from the waters in the center, and reaching out toward the viewer. I am also trying to redeem myself from the mummy piece as far as perspective and having the creature reach toward the viewer, effectively. I am pleased with how the creature’s reaching right hand turned out thus far but the left hand, which is partially cut off in this picture, still needs resolution as far as placement, pose, and detail goes.

“The Wolfman” Drawing Progress Day 6 (From 12/17/18)


Slight progress on “The Wolfman” from my Monster Series of Drawings. This is from day 6 on 12-17-18.

I reinforced shadows and bold lines to create depth. I filled in craters and texture on the full moon since the moon is such an important part of the story of the wolf and the transformation into a wolf from human.

The creatures left hand that is gripping the rocks is problematic as far as shape and anatomy, so I may obliterate it and redo it as part of the final stages, which are near.

“The Wolfman” Drawing Progress Day 3 (From 12/3/18)


Here is slight progressive on “The Wolfman” from my Monster series of drawings I am creating. This is day 3 from 12/3/18.

Like I mentioned initially, I wanted to add the detail incrementally and more minimally than I normally since looking back at the progress of the previous 2 drawings, there were a lot of great elements to the compositions in the formative stages of the process.  So far I like the slow and slight progress of this one since I have not worked it into an overbusy work full of unnecessary liness that requires complete obliteration in order to bring it back to its original glory.

On this day in the process, I focused on shading the night sky with lines alah bernie wrightson style. I also added bold lines to help define the subject and the important elements of the composition but I did this carefully and only added the bold lines selectively since my goal was to show different line weight throughout.