A Continuation.

I thought again about the poet that I referenced yesterday who wrote a poem a day for something like 10 years, so I decided to continue to try writing daily myself. This is not without difficulty especially when I took so much time since I regularly wrote on this very platform and so much has transpired in the world and my own life, in that time. It is really a question of where do I begin?

I just watched a documentary about the group Steely Dan and the making of their classic album “Aja”. The level of their craftsmanship and the detail and effort they put in the album was humbling and made me think about my own productivity and dedication to my own craft. Now it so happens that music is my own craft but bigger than that I thought about the productivity and dedication to my own craft in the sense of immersing myself in thought and existence around my craft. Part of that process is doing things like writing this blog. Sure I put time and energy in my literal craft like writing and recording music, but what about outside of the craft? Everyday life, like work and family are a given but where is the in between time of everyday life and the craft, spent? Craftsman like Steely Dan who forged a masterpiece surely not just spent time on the literal craft but also spent the in between time of life thinking about their craft. How else are they capable of creating something of this magnitude?

This question makes me think of writing on this platform and how it is the in between time and like the the aforementioned poet who wrote daily, me writing here, consistently, will influence my literal craft and can ultimately help make it better and help it evolve.

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