It’s Been Awhile and A lot Has Happened Since…

My god, I don’t know where to begin since it’s been so long since I posted and so much has happened in my world and the entire world. I was listening to an interview today with a poet who had written a poem daily for something like the last ten years. One of the interviewers of the poet referenced one of my favorite books, The War of Art and the idea of the resistance that we face everyday and that keeps us from picking up the pen and being the opposite of the poet and not creating every day.

Although I am often prolific in creation whether music or art, an immense sense of guilt and humility came over me when hearing this interview, as well as an immense feeling of inspiration. I thought about this blog and I thought about the world and I was left wondering what was stopping me all this time from writing everyday. I thought about what my life is without writing everyday and what it would be if I did.

There was only one thing to do….so here I go again.

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