Monster Series-“Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster”-Day two rough sketch-11/7/18

This is “Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster” from the Monster Collection of drawings I’m working on, after day two.

I decided to make the chains more prominent as well as I laid the lightning locations in place, which will become more substantial as well. The castle will probably get a winding road to help create distance and scale. The prominent yet broken chains show the escape of the creature born in the dark of an ominous castle down a winding road toward the light.

The bottom right rocks that the monster is standing on will get much darker to anchor the focal point, which is the monster in this case. As you go toward the top of the image the lightning will illuminate the top portions of the creature. The darker bottom portion of the image represents the darkness of Dr. Frankenstein’s soul when trying to play God and creating an abomination. This is met by lightning, the very light that helped bring the dark creation to life. The illumination represents the glimpse of good and light in the creature despite its birth that took place in the dark.






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