“Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster”- Drawing Days 3 and 4, 11/8/18 -11/9/18

This is more progress from days 3 and 4 of working on “Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster” from the Monster Series of Drawings I’m working on.

I implemented some of the things and made some of the changes I touched on yesterday. The ground beneath the monster’s feet was darkened further  and more detail was added to anchor the creature and better pronounce the symbolism of it’s dark origin. The winding road from the castle was added faintly to createscale and distance as well as being symbolic of the monster’s twisted and treachorous birth.  A pine tree background was added in front of the castle and mountains to pay homage to the eastern European  terrain of the original film as well as help create grander scale.

After filling in more detail of the monster, I experimented and subtracted part of the outer layer with an eraser to give an electricity effect. I did not like the results so I went back and reinforced the fidelity and detail of the monster.

Finally, the chains still need to be resolved. They are nearly placed but will need a lot of detail yet, as they are a prominent, symbolic role in the story.





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