Late Discovery, “The Eels”

Cautionary Tales Eels cover


I listened to the entirety of one of my favorite albums in recent memory while working out this evening, “The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett ” by the Eels. I must be excused for my often and absurdly late discovery of brilliant acts and classic albums in music genres outside of hip hop.  However, I find this a tremendous advantage since I am able to listen unbiased and unaware of any of the hype and opinions that were circulating at the height of the artist’s career or during the release of the particular work in question. That said, this album by the Eels really hits home with its minimalist production, haunting vocals, and self reflective and introspective subject matter.  This opinion of the album still holds true and this work still stands out even after serving as a catalyst to familiarize myself with this band and their entire catalog.

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