UFC On Fox Orlando Review

UFC fight night Fox 2-23

  • Jeremy Stephens continues his surge at featherweight. Despite the controversial finish involving accusations of an illegal knee and elbows to the back of the head that call MMA refereeing and rules into question, Stephens shows all the signs of a long time veteran hitting his stride and putting it all together late into his career, ala Robbie Lawler, ironically a fellow Midwest MMA vet with ties to Milletich Fighting Systems. Not to mention Dominique Cruz and team Alliance get one more up on Fabor and Team Alpha Male with Stephens victory.
  • Great to see Latifi pull off a scintillating upset no one saw coming considering his getting slept by former UFC and now Bellator fighter Ryan Bader as well as being an underdog vs a red hot OSP.
  • A couple comments on the ladies of the night: Despite her impressive athleticism and Olympic pedigree, Sarah Mcmahan just can”t seem to win the big one. Is it the mental difference of her being a silver medalist and not reaching gold?  It was a major setback for Mcmahan but Renau is just damn inspiring as a 41 year old high school teacher.  Andrade vs the Tiny Tornado was apt considering Torres was all heart but tiny compared to Andrade.
  • Final thoughts: was Platinum Perry exposed as limited but exciting fighter? Is a late career surge ala the main event victor Jeremy Stephens possible for Platinum? 10th on 10th crime with Jouban vs Saunders was a helluva start to the Fox prelims although the initial broadcast omitted it to show a basketball reality show, so I had to catch it on the rebroadcast.  This fight was violence personified and they both threw out any regard for being teammates.  Then again the Killer Bee Saunders never disappoints in the action department, win or lose.

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