“The Wolfman” Drawing Progress Day 6 (From 12/17/18)


Slight progress on “The Wolfman” from my Monster Series of Drawings. This is from day 6 on 12-17-18.

I reinforced shadows and bold lines to create depth. I filled in craters and texture on the full moon since the moon is such an important part of the story of the wolf and the transformation into a wolf from human.

The creatures left hand that is gripping the rocks is problematic as far as shape and anatomy, so I may obliterate it and redo it as part of the final stages, which are near.

“The Wolfman” Drawing Progress Day 3 (From 12/3/18)


Here is slight progressive on “The Wolfman” from my Monster series of drawings I am creating. This is day 3 from 12/3/18.

Like I mentioned initially, I wanted to add the detail incrementally and more minimally than I normally since looking back at the progress of the previous 2 drawings, there were a lot of great elements to the compositions in the formative stages of the process.  So far I like the slow and slight progress of this one since I have not worked it into an overbusy work full of unnecessary liness that requires complete obliteration in order to bring it back to its original glory.

On this day in the process, I focused on shading the night sky with lines alah bernie wrightson style. I also added bold lines to help define the subject and the important elements of the composition but I did this carefully and only added the bold lines selectively since my goal was to show different line weight throughout.

“The Wolfman” Drawing Progress, Day 1

This is day one’s progress of “The Wolfman” drawing from my monster series I’m working on.

Day one was laying out the basic composition and darks. I want to be careful and avoid what happened with my mummy drawing and gradually fill this one in since sometimes the gesture and thumbnail style and minimal aspects look better than a more fully realized composition. I want to pull this off while maintaining continuity with the other drawings in the series.20181126_201252

Final Touches (for now…) on “The Curse of the Mummy” drawing.

I added some final touches on “The Curse of the Mummy” drawing from my monster series before I put it away for the next one.

Overall I lost my inspiration on this one early on. For final touches I reinforced some darks and shadows and added some texture to the tomb walls and wraps of the mummy. My drawing hand smeared the right side if the composition when reinforcing the darks on the left and center but I was not inspired to go back over it right now.

If I were to redo this one I would make it more of an abstraction and a light creature subtracted from dark.20181126_201419


“The Curse of the Mummy” Drawing Progress – Days 4 and 5

I took a couple days off and got back to this mummy drawing. This is progress  from days 4 and 5.

A challenge aspect of this composition has been achieving good fidelity of the face and the wraps on the face, of the mummy in relation to the dark background the creature is emerging from. I filled it in fully and obliterated it with the eraser multiple times before the latest iteration seen in this picture, which may not even be finalized. When looking back at the early, rough sketched versions with gesture lines and little detail, I might even prefer those versions to this latest more fully realized one.

I worked in more stark contrast between the illuminated tomb walls and cast shadows by both adding heavier darks and subtracting light with the eraser. I will focus on this part of the composition more fully before deciding on the detail of the creature, to hopefully better solve the aforementioned challenge.


“The Curse of the Mummy” Drawing Day 3, from 11-13-18

This is progess after day 3, 11/13/18, of my new drawing called “Curse of the Mummy” from my collection of monster drawings I’m working on.

I continued to darken the majority of the composition since I want this to feel more like light subtracted from dark. I added bolder lines and more detail to the mummy to get a better idea of placement but this will likely get erased and lightened to add to the effect of the ambient lighting in the tomb revealing selective parts of the mummy.

The hands will eventually get a lot more detail to reveal the embalmed flesh and symbolize the curse of the mummy reaching and grabbing the viewer, up close and pronounced. The right hand still needs to be resolved as far as placement, proportion, and anatomy.


“The Curse of the Mummy” Drawing-Days 1 and 2 from 11/11/18 and 11/12/18

I began a new drawing called “The Curse of the Mummy” from the monster collection of drawings I’m working on. They were inspired by the classic Universal monster movies.

For this one i have the mummy reaching out to grab the viewer from the dark hallway of the tomb smbolizing the curse that takes a hold of those that unearth the tomb. This drawing will be dark dominant with just enough lighting to reveal the features of the creature.



“Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster”- Drawing Days 3 and 4, 11/8/18 -11/9/18

This is more progress from days 3 and 4 of working on “Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster” from the Monster Series of Drawings I’m working on.

I implemented some of the things and made some of the changes I touched on yesterday. The ground beneath the monster’s feet was darkened further  and more detail was added to anchor the creature and better pronounce the symbolism of it’s dark origin. The winding road from the castle was added faintly to createscale and distance as well as being symbolic of the monster’s twisted and treachorous birth.  A pine tree background was added in front of the castle and mountains to pay homage to the eastern European  terrain of the original film as well as help create grander scale.

After filling in more detail of the monster, I experimented and subtracted part of the outer layer with an eraser to give an electricity effect. I did not like the results so I went back and reinforced the fidelity and detail of the monster.

Finally, the chains still need to be resolved. They are nearly placed but will need a lot of detail yet, as they are a prominent, symbolic role in the story.