“The Curse of the Mummy” Drawing Progress – Days 4 and 5

I took a couple days off and got back to this mummy drawing. This is progress  from days 4 and 5.

A challenge aspect of this composition has been achieving good fidelity of the face and the wraps on the face, of the mummy in relation to the dark background the creature is emerging from. I filled it in fully and obliterated it with the eraser multiple times before the latest iteration seen in this picture, which may not even be finalized. When looking back at the early, rough sketched versions with gesture lines and little detail, I might even prefer those versions to this latest more fully realized one.

I worked in more stark contrast between the illuminated tomb walls and cast shadows by both adding heavier darks and subtracting light with the eraser. I will focus on this part of the composition more fully before deciding on the detail of the creature, to hopefully better solve the aforementioned challenge.


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