Workout Log 3/20/18

kettlebell pics



  • Sirius XM/Shade 45/DJ Muggs Show (a Tues. night favorite for me)

Home Warmup (15 min total with o2 trainer)

  • Inversion table
  • lacrosse ball feet rolling
  • shadowbox
  • versaclimber intervals

Gym (10 PM to 11:20 PM)

  • H.I.I.T cardio (cycle and treadmill 10 min total)
  • dumbell sets (total body and heavy increased loading)
  • stretch cage (total body)
  • H.I.I.T cardio (cycle and eliptical 6 min ¬†total)
  • Swiss ball plyo sets and balance static holds
  • TRX (total body including pistol squats)
  • palate movements on mat (total body static holds)
  • H.I.I.T cardio (cycle 4 min)

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