Amsterdam Day Two


Pics top left to right: (Van Gogh museum outside, inside,  diamond museum, random canal, local snack kibeling, Central Station at night)

Amsterdam Day Two:  A great day that began with a trip to the Van Gogh museum, and a fascinating look at a mad genius, literally.  Next, was a casual stroll through the flower market after experiencing a taste of this countries free spirit and relaxed attitude that should be envy of the states. Then it was a quick stop to taste a street food favorite, kibeling and on to Dutch pancakes for lunch.  After a long trek from the museums to central city, it was a quick break before venturing out at nighttime.

With the night came a repeat of the earlier path just to capture the same settings, but at night, and to venture into the well chronicaled, and notorious area of the city.  After the long journey ended, I couldn’t help but relect on the cultural differences between my own country and this place, both good and bad.

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