Number 42

Number 42

Although I don’t give a whole lot of creedence to the idea of chronological age and its relevancy, I thought it would be fun on my birthday today, to find some facts out about the number 42. Disclaimer: not fact checked and internet sourced!

  • There is a “Doctor who?” Episode titled “42” That lasted 42 minutes.
  • There are 42 US gallons in a barrel of oil.
  • In the game of “Risk” there are 42 territories.
  • 42 is the atomic number of molybdenum, which is also the 42nd most abundant element.
  • 42 degrees is the angle of a rainbow.
  • If you search “the answer to life universe and everything” in to google, it will respond with “42”.
  • The default password expiration time for a windows admin is 42 days.
  • In 2004 the asteroid DA42 was renamed to “25924 Douglasadams”.
  • Number 42 craft number is a very popular possible craft number in TF2.
  • The book “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” has 42 chapters.
  • In the game “Spore” You can get an item known as the “Staff of Life”, That has 42 uses.
  • In “Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet”, the potion that Juliet takes, will have effect for 42 hours.
  • 42% of the london underground, is underground.
  • On page 42 of “Frankenstein” Victor reveals he is able to make life.
  • The world’s first printed book (“The Gutenberg Bible”) has 42 lines per page.
  • On page 42 of “Harry potter and the philosopher’s Stone” Harry learns that he is a
  • The Titanic was travelling at around 42 Km/hour when it hit the iceberg.
  • Buzz Lightyear’s ship is named “42”.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was 42 when elected in to office.
  • Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier at 42,000 feet.
  • On page 42 of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” Jonathan discovers he is a prisoner of the vampire.
  • Holy Mackerel’s default level is 42.
  • A marathon course is 42 Km + a bit.
  • Cell 42 in Alcatraz was home to Robert Stroud, who was transferred there in 1942. And after murdering a guard, he received 42 years of solitary.
  • One of CERN’s newer buildings is known as “Building 42”.
  • The computer “Watson” Has 42 “Threads” around it’s avatar.
  • Queen Victoria’s husband died at age 42; they had 42 grand children, and Edward VIII(Their great-grandson) Abdicated at age 42.
  • Elvis Presley died at age 42.
  • Google’s chief executive’s office is called Building 42.
  • A single Big Mac has 42% of the recommended daily intake of salt.
  • Cricket (the game) has 42 laws.
  • The three albums; Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, AC/DC’s “Back in Black”, and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”; all lasted 42 minutes.
  • The type 42 vacuum tube was very popular in the 1930s.
  • 42,000 balls were used at Wimbledon last year.
  • The horse “Nijinsky” was 42 months old when it won the English Triple Crown: the Derby.
  • In one episode of “The simpson” chief Wiggum wakes up to a question, and answers “42”.
  • The 1970s song “In the Summertime” has a tempo of 42 beats per minute.
  • Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play Major League Baseball, had the jersey with the number 42.

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