“The Sweatshop” Podcast Debut Episode (From 11/27/18)


I thought about dipping my feet in the now vast waters of podcasting for a very long time. Having a lot of experience and an extensive background in music production and performance, this seemed like a very good platform for some of my capabilities and something that I could make a very organic transition into. Having been a fan of podcasting for a very long time, and having consumed a large variety of, and hundreds of podcasts over the years, and just having recently retooled my home music studio to begin recording new music, I figured it was the perfect time to make the move.

When I thought about what my podcast would be, it was pretty simple. Despite the popular opinion from many successful podcaster’s that a podcast is more likely to be successful, in terms of popularity and subscribers, if the theme or subject matter is narrow in scope or even singularly focused, I decided to defy this recommendation and make the podcast an extension or supplementary guide to this website. As viewers who follow my website should know, this site is dedicated to my passions, pursuits, past times, and philosophies on life, which encompasses quite a few subjects. The website is an eclectic showcase of my latest creations whether art or music, and my thoughts and philosophical meanderings on a wide rang of subjects whether about the latest books I’m reading, or movies I am watching, or just ponderings about life and it’s meaning. All that said, I decided to structure the format of my podcast similar to the website as to cover various catergories that I am involved with or thinking about at the time.

Although I have a very firm grasp on the technical process of recording and distributing audio based on my music production and engineering background, as well as the resources to do so instantly, this medium of podcasting is still a new thing for me. Therefore, I thought a modest approach and efficient strategy to begin this endeavor would be to literally read off some of my blog entries from the website and use the podcast to further expound upon those blogs. For this first episode, using a comic book analogy, it is an “origins” episode that tells you a little bit about me and where my name came from as well as well as what inspired “The Sweatshop”name of the podcast. From there, I give a small sampler of the show format you can expect on future episodes, and I do so by covering a couple of my recent blog posts about what art that I am currently working on and my impressions of a recent music album that I listened to.

So there you have it, the time has finally come and you can check out the premier of “The Sweatshop” Podcast by yours truly, the Sickman VC.  At the time of this post I am in the process of getting the podcast approved and listed on ITunes and possibly Google Play as an official RSS feed, but until then, you can click the audio link below to hear it.  I hope you enjoy it.

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