“The Sweatshop” Podcast – Episode #4 From 2-28-19

It’s been a minute but I’m back with a brand new episode of “The Sweatshop” Podcast.  On this episode I talk about Studio Ghibli and its inspiration for my newest drawing series, as well as I talk about Ice Cube’s new album “Everythang’s Corupt”, and finally I talk about turning 42.




“Ashitaka vs The Boar Demon” – Day One From 3-01-19

This is day one’s progress on my new drawing of “Ashitaka vs the Boar Demon” from my Studio Ghibli with a dark fantasy art twist, collection. This is the opening scene  from “Princess Mononoke” when the infected, demon possessed boars attacks the village and the young prince/warrior, Ashitaka is forced to defend his village and take the demon down with just his bow and arrows.


“No Face” – Day Two From 2-27-19

More progress on “No Face” from my newest collection of Studio Ghibli drawings with a dark, fantasy art twist.

This might be my final day for a bit on this one before moving on to the next one. Here I reinforced some shadows and added detail to the skin texture of the creature. Though many of these legendary animated films have a dark edge on their own, with this particular piece I wanted to take the spirit at its darkest moment when it had been luring the bathhouse workers with fake gold only to consume them in order to get closer to the protagonist, Sen. I wanted to capture the spirit in its angry, hideous form and to differentiate it from the way the movie depicted it, I emphasized a fleshy, oozing skin, almost alienlike.



Impressions of “Everythangs Corrupt”, an Album by Ice Cube

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“Everythangs Corrupt”, is the new full length studio effort from an artist with far too many aliases at this point to list, west coast, hip hop legend, Ice Cube.

It is easy to take for granted so many things about Ice Cube and hard to summarize the scope of his influence in hip hop in just a few sentences. It is very easy to forget his status as a pioneer of west coast hip hop and creator of an entire sub genre of hip hop in the form of gangster rap. Cube’s unheralded song writing ability helped establish him as one of the original hip hop ghost writers, i.e. NWA, and his innate ability to tell vivid stories in the form of rap helped influence future and fellow legendary artists like the late B.I.G. and Nas, to name a few.  He can also be remembered as the person who took battle rap and diss tracks to the next level with “No Vaseline.”  Ice Cube was also a key player in the era of politically charged rap music and at the front and center of social, cultural controversy with songs like “Fuck The Police” and albums like “Death Certificate”.  All this was just from his music endeavors, and one could equal time discussing his other successful ventures, whether the pop culture cross over and uber successful foray into Hollywood and entertainment, or his position as a preeminent, African-American Entrepreneur and entertainment mogul.

This brief synopsis hardly does Cube’s epic career justice but is worth mentioning since an artist and influential figure of this magnitude, still living and creating new work (and prolifically I might add) should never be taken for granite. Whenever they do release new stuff, it is always worth paying attention to, for better or worse.  After such a long and multi faceted career we ask, how does the new music stack up and is it, and the artist, still relevant?

In the midst of a tense political climate and troubled times in this country, it seems like the perfect opportunity for vintage Ice Cube to appear. For the once controversial figure, turned cultural and entertainment icon,  just the album’s title, “Everythangs Corrupt” insinuate that this might mark Cube’s long awaited return to classic political/gangster fueled rap. However, the first half of the album is marred by musical production that does not fit the direction and scope of Cube’s lyrics and subject matter.  The music production on the first eight songs comes off as a generic attempt at achieving a more modern, mainstream rap sound, and fails to fit the political subject matter. Songs like “Arrest The President” and “Chase Down The Bully” have so much potential in the context of great Ice Cube music, but fail to deliver on their promise.  The sparse, electronic driven production seem to force Cube to dumb down his delivery and lyrics, and at times, even force him to rhyme words just to fit the beats.  As a result, the social commentary is lost and he does not scratch the surface of the subject matter.  As a Cube fan, when you see the song titles you have this hope of a return to sample driven Sir Jinx or Bomb Squad style tracks fueling a vivid, aggressive, and witty story teller espousing fiery politics, think songs like  “I Wanna Kill Uncle Sam”. Instead you get cheap, generic “trap music” sounds that don’t give the legendary artist a chance to flex his legendary skill set.  Speaking of “trap sounds”, the remainder of the first half of “Everythangs Corrupt” ironically have Cube rapping about the very subject matter of dope and drugs over even more,  “not so dope” driven music.  Even if the subject of drugs and dope were relevant to the overall theme of the album, and were at the forefront of modern politics, which I believe they are, we don’t get anywhere close to Cube classics on this same subject like “Dopeman” or “What Can I Do?”.

If you are patient enough to wade thru the first half of “Everythangs Corrupt” and lucky enough to make it to “Street Sheds Tears”, then the “Super OG” finally gets to cooking and you get some of the vintage Cube you have been waiting for.  It takes an overused west coast sample on “Street Sheds Tears” to bring Cube back into old form and away from the trappings, pun intended, of  “Trap” style music.  He continues this old school approach with fellow west coast legend Too Short on “Ain’t Got No Haters” and the simplicity and nostalgia factor continue to shine.  He gets experimental and does a sort of “Jackin For Beats” but jacks different vanacular and takes references from different eras on the ultra cool, “Can you Dig It”.  With “The New Funkadelic” he pays homage to P funk and channels his “Bop Gun” days.  Here he draws from the most comparable Cube album to “Everythangs Corrupt” in “Lethal Injection”.  This comparison can be made as far as the album being comprised of mostly cleaner, more mainstream production at that perticular time period, that still compliment his classic skill set and also includes a share of vintage moments..

The strength of the second half of the album continues even on his most mainstream effort and NBA TV anthem–esque “Non Believers”, where the beat choice and delivery finally seem to blend well, unlike the aforementioned first half album tracks.  Finally, he closes out “Everythangs Corrupt” on the political tip with the title track and “Good Cop Bad Cop”, a track that initially surfaced as one of the bonus tracks on the 25th Anniversary Edition, of what I believe is Cube’s Magnus Opus, “Death Certificate”.  Here we are treated to a fiery, Cube tackling the latest politics, and although it fails to reach the levels of the album it first appeared on, (for the record it was obvious then, that it was not recorded during the “Death Certificate” sessions but long after), it still gives fans a glimpse into what makes him so great as a rap artist, and musician for that matter.

A  good analogy  for Ice  Cube’s latest studio album, “Everythangs  Corrupt”, and something I wrote about awhile back, is the older athlete. This is the perfect analogy given that Cube is the founder and owner of a basketball  league, The Big Three, which, is comprised of older NBA player. In this case Cube, himself, is the older athlete. By the time we trudge through the first half we are left realizing that it took quite awhile for the older athlete to warm up and find their rhythm. It also seems as if the elder statesman is busy trying to keep up with the younger players instead of doing what they are best at. By the second half, we do catch glimpses of what made them great and for brief moments at a time they not only keep up with, but they surpass their younger contemporaries.  We are then left wondering if the older athlete can continually sustain this vintage form and become as dominant as they once were in an everchanging landscape and evolving sport.  On this album, Cube, shows flashes of his old brilliance but you just get that feeling that he might have lost a slight step, and at this point in a long and illustrious career, he may not be capable of creating an entire classic from beginning to end.  However, since we are dealing with an all time great, whose face belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of Hip Hop,  a fall off for him still puts him above most of his modern peers, especially, when he is still motivated and when the conditions are just right.






“Totoro” Day 3 From 2-21-19

I may put this one away for awhile in order to get a fresh perspective on the finishing touches, but nevertheless this is progress from day 3 on my “Totoro” drawing from my Studio Ghibli series of drawing with a dark fantasy art twist. Here, I added darks and fidelity to everything along with subtractive eraser work to bring out the diffused lighting.





“Totoro”, Day Two From 2-20-19

Day two progress on  my “Totoro” drawing from my Studio Ghibli inspired drawing series. I’m putting a darker, fantasy drawing twist on various scenes from the legendary animated films. For “Totoro”, I recreated the scene where May encounters a sleeping Totoro in the base of the large tree. I spent most of day two added heavy darks that anchor the creature to his slumber dwellings with components of light in the form of butterflies and flowers.


New Music from Sickman VC

Here’s a taste of some new tracks I cooked up in my newly renovated home music studio. They are for a new solo project I’m putting together as well as for my big homie, C-nut, out in Cali’s, newest project.





Number 42

Number 42

Although I don’t give a whole lot of creedence to the idea of chronological age and its relevancy, I thought it would be fun on my birthday today, to find some facts out about the number 42. Disclaimer: not fact checked and internet sourced!

  • There is a “Doctor who?” Episode titled “42” That lasted 42 minutes.
  • There are 42 US gallons in a barrel of oil.
  • In the game of “Risk” there are 42 territories.
  • 42 is the atomic number of molybdenum, which is also the 42nd most abundant element.
  • 42 degrees is the angle of a rainbow.
  • If you search “the answer to life universe and everything” in to google, it will respond with “42”.
  • The default password expiration time for a windows admin is 42 days.
  • In 2004 the asteroid DA42 was renamed to “25924 Douglasadams”.
  • Number 42 craft number is a very popular possible craft number in TF2.
  • The book “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” has 42 chapters.
  • In the game “Spore” You can get an item known as the “Staff of Life”, That has 42 uses.
  • In “Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet”, the potion that Juliet takes, will have effect for 42 hours.
  • 42% of the london underground, is underground.
  • On page 42 of “Frankenstein” Victor reveals he is able to make life.
  • The world’s first printed book (“The Gutenberg Bible”) has 42 lines per page.
  • On page 42 of “Harry potter and the philosopher’s Stone” Harry learns that he is a
  • The Titanic was travelling at around 42 Km/hour when it hit the iceberg.
  • Buzz Lightyear’s ship is named “42”.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was 42 when elected in to office.
  • Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier at 42,000 feet.
  • On page 42 of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” Jonathan discovers he is a prisoner of the vampire.
  • Holy Mackerel’s default level is 42.
  • A marathon course is 42 Km + a bit.
  • Cell 42 in Alcatraz was home to Robert Stroud, who was transferred there in 1942. And after murdering a guard, he received 42 years of solitary.
  • One of CERN’s newer buildings is known as “Building 42”.
  • The computer “Watson” Has 42 “Threads” around it’s avatar.
  • Queen Victoria’s husband died at age 42; they had 42 grand children, and Edward VIII(Their great-grandson) Abdicated at age 42.
  • Elvis Presley died at age 42.
  • Google’s chief executive’s office is called Building 42.
  • A single Big Mac has 42% of the recommended daily intake of salt.
  • Cricket (the game) has 42 laws.
  • The three albums; Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, AC/DC’s “Back in Black”, and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”; all lasted 42 minutes.
  • The type 42 vacuum tube was very popular in the 1930s.
  • 42,000 balls were used at Wimbledon last year.
  • The horse “Nijinsky” was 42 months old when it won the English Triple Crown: the Derby.
  • In one episode of “The simpson” chief Wiggum wakes up to a question, and answers “42”.
  • The 1970s song “In the Summertime” has a tempo of 42 beats per minute.
  • Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play Major League Baseball, had the jersey with the number 42.

“The Creature From The Black Lagoon” – Day 2 from 1-4-19


This is progress on “The Creature From The Black Lagoon”, the fourth drawing from my monster collection. This is from day 2 on 1-4-19.

I addressed the creatures unresolved left hand by moving it from a horizontal and cropped position to pointing upward and to the left. This allowed for the webbed fingers to be revealed which is critical to showing the aquatic existence of this creature. On that same note, I more fully realized the other aquatic features of the monster such as the fins and gills.

For the rest of day 2’s progress I just fleshed out the entire composition by adding heavier lines and shadows and textures to reinforce a claustrophobic, lagoon  setting. I also added darker and heavier shading to the water that the creature is emerging from since it is the “black lagoon.”



“The Creature From The Black Lagoon” – Day 1 from 1-3-19


After a few weeks break with the holidays I abandoned “The Wolfman” and began work on a new drawing for  my monster collection titled, “The Creature From The Black Lagoon”.  This is day one from 1/3/19.

As far as conceptual and compositional aspects of this piece, day one is a very basic process of laying out the entire composition and basic locations and shapes before filling in details and adding major lighting. I wanted to pay homage to one of the most forgotten monster and horror classics where a mysterious creature rises from the murky depths and attempts to rid its domicile of foreign invaders which in this case is a boat of humans, by creating a simple composition of the creature rising from the waters in the center, and reaching out toward the viewer. I am also trying to redeem myself from the mummy piece as far as perspective and having the creature reach toward the viewer, effectively. I am pleased with how the creature’s reaching right hand turned out thus far but the left hand, which is partially cut off in this picture, still needs resolution as far as placement, pose, and detail goes.